Creating First Hello World Template in Blogger

Creating First Basic Template in Blogger Blogspot

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard → Theme → Edit HTML and clean up all codes.
    ( Select all by Ctrl+A and DELETE or Backspace. )

2. Now paste the raw HTML of basic page on the blank space. Then save the theme.
    Assume, our selected codes are as below:

                  <title>Title of Blog</title>
                  <p>Hello World</p>
If you try to save the theme, you will see a notification as “There should be one and only one skin in the theme, and we found: 0". 
It is shown because we have to put one b:skin within <head></head> tag. And that is -
          /****CSS CODE*****/
Note: put the above code after </title> tag and now save your theme.

Ops ! Again notification ! And this notification is:
We did not find any section in your theme. A theme must have at least one b:section tag."

Blogger Editor shows this because we didn’t add any section in body tag. So just copy-paste the followings code in body tag. You can paste just before <p>Hello World</p>
<b:section id="hello" class="hello"></b:section>
We will learn more about blogger sections in next post:  What are Sections and Widgets in Blogger Blogspot?
Now save the theme. Yes ! There is no error notification showing now. Just relax and preview. It is showing Hello World, isn’t it? Now go to your blog URL and see what happened.

OMG ! You have said Hello World through Blogger ! You have succeeded to run your HTML code !

Though it isn’t enough to create a Blogger template, but you have almost done.  It is the primary and basic step.
You may ask: 

What is  <b:skin>...</b:skin> tag?

This is for containing custom CSS code for decorating your Blog.

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